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Jules' sweetart came about years ago when my fab sister had to complete a project for her business studies exam. She had to create a business plan for a new (imaginary) business and had to do extensive research. As I was already making cakes we thought it would be fun to create a cake business for the project and then "Jules'Sweetart" was born. Her project was fantastic so thanks sis!

I love cakes. I love art. I love designing. I love making people happy.

I love creating beautiful cakes for people who want something just that little bit different. I will spend time designing your cake and consulting with you to ensure that it is exactly what you want.

My lovely mum inspired me to make cakes and attend sugarcraft classes from the age of 16. Mum always made all of our birthday cakes (even my lovely dad made one!) and they were always imaginative and delicious.

I continued to enjoy learning new techniques and discovered that if my cakes looked beautiful and tasted delicious, they made people very happy!

My brother and sister and their families keep me on my toes with making cakes for my gorgeous nephews and nieces who always have great ideas and always set me a challenge on their birthdays!

I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I pay attention to every detail on the cake and I just love delivering them and seeing people's eyes light up when they open the boxes.

It's just a hobby, but one that I love and am very passionate about.

My website wouldn't have happened without the love, support and encouragement from my fabulous "Champagne Friday" girls. Thank you girls - you are amazing!!!

Jules xxx